Ford Foundation Program Officers Andean Region

The Ford Foundation seeks two new dynamic, innovative Program Officers based in our new office in Bogotá, Colombia to help drive and shape the foundation’s social justice work in the Andean Region


The overall goal of Ford’s Andean Region office is to ensure equitable distribution of public and natural resources, driven by people, especially indigenous peoples and Afro-descendants.  We seek one Program Officer (#6507) with proven experience and knowledge in political and institutional economies, redistributive policies and public budgets to bring a political economy perspective to grantmaking and the team.   We seek a second Program Officer (#6508) who will bring proven experience in policy, institutional and legal analysis to Ford’s work. 

Generally, Ford Program Officers assess the field and contribute ongoing analysis to the evolution of office goals and strategies to achieve scalable impact; develop grantmaking activities in a team-oriented context; manage a grants portfolio--including serving as a ‘connector’ of grantees; and represent the Foundation and its work to diverse constituencies—to shape and influence agendas and leverage positive impact toward common goals.

We seek individuals with a track record of leading social justice strategies in relevant thematic areas; a deep understanding of the context of the Andean Region (particularly Colombia and Peru) and social networks/organization therein; exceptional leadership presence and communications skills as well as demonstrated ability to be a productive member of teams and a community of people. A Masters degree in a relevant field of work as well as fluency in Spanish and English are required.

Please forward nominations to me as soon as possible, or encourage candidates to apply by June 30th through Ford’s career page: